Electric Forklift

Features :

  • 1.5 to 3 tonne capacity at 500 mm load centre; lift heights up to 7.2 m
  • 2-stage / 2-stage with full free lift / 3-stage with full free lift , Container stuffing and stuffing made easy with container mast(optional)
  • High-performance package for ultra smooth control over lift, tilt, steering and attachment operation
  • Option of DC drive
  • smoother vehicle control
  • Twin mode operation- 'Tortoise' mode for careful manoeuvring in confined/constrained spaces and 'Hare' for high-speed long distance travelled
  • Regenerative Braking- which feeds braking energy back to the traction battery and also enhances the life of brake shoe liners
  • Easy and quick troubleshooting with built-in diagnostic in the controller
  • Reduced electrical maintenance due to fewer components and minimal hard wiring

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